Samstag, 14. April 2012

The mutated son of a punk

Andrew Cane is known a guitarist, songwriter and producer, who had already a big success
by supporting AC/DC on several European Stadium-Tours. Now he is is preparing to
release his debut as a singer. 


Germany, Apr 11, 2012 -- On April 27, 2012 Andrew Cane releases his debut as a
singer with his single "Feelings".

With his first solo effort Andrew enters the next act in his rollercoaster-like career.  After being the puppet master behind many projects, he recorded with "Feelings" his debut as a vocalist.

Andrew Cane started out as a guitarist in punk-bands, mutated his style and played in hard rock-bands, produced understatement-indie-rock-bands-with-a-big man-attitude in 2005 and wrote the backing tracks for singer-song-writers with a I-am-a-little-helpless-girl-attitude in 2008.

Now, for the new project "Andrew Cane" seven songs are planned to be released as digital singles in 2012. Every single has an A and a B side, just like in the good old vinyl days.

"Feelings" is described as Alternative Guitar Rock. There are quite a lot keyboard sounds, the kick drum is well accentuated and makes one think of dance music. On Beatport the songs would be likely in the genre "Indie Dance".

There's also a remix of "Feelings" to be released in May 2012 that goes even further in the direction of dance music with a strictly four-on-the-floor beat and reduced instrumentation. While the original mix is around 103 BPM, the "AlternativeDanceRemix" is around 120 BPM.

Andrew's work shows a constant attempt to combine rock with electronic music. This might be a good attempt for a musician, who has supported AC/DC on their tours in 2001, 2003 and 2009, in order to survive in an electronic world of music, where programs like Abelton Live, Logic Pro and Reason make it easy for youngsters with good? taste to produce music in a few hours.

In a summary Andrew's music might be described as groovy, alternative electro-dance-rock with the attitude of a mutated son of a punk. And a very distinctive voice.

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