Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

I feel save and warm in this AC/DC family!

There is magic in the air, here in Hockenheim. I feel that this is going to be a FESTIVAL!!!

Tents all over the place. This must be the biggest camping ground in Europe. Everyone is on the ball, looking forward to be part of this great live music event.

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Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

New Song "Hi Kick" by Claudia Cane uploaded!!!

Claudia Cane´s forthcoming Maxi Single "Hi Kick" contains 3 versions of the song.

Listen to the radio edit of "Hi Kick" on MySpace now.

AC/DC Tour Diary Hockenheim (deutsch)

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Magic all over, man merkt es schon, wenn man in den Hockenheimring reinfährt...das wird ein Fest-ival!!!

Die Leute campen hier, sind gut drauf...haben Bock auf Livemusic...Buden um den ganzen Platz aufgestellt...alles easy...alles peace...

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Freitag, 22. Mai 2009

Claudia cane Tour Diary Cologne

Köln Rhein Energie Arena

Even, that the arena wasn´t crowded out, as in our 2001 gig with AC/DC (which was wicked), we got pretty good reactions from the audience at the front ranks. We had fun to rock with them.

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Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

Claudia Cane AC/DC Tour_Diary_Köln_deutsch

Köln Rhein Energie Arena

Wir sind im wunderschönen Köln, alles ist grün rund um die Arena. Im Hotel treffe ich alte Bekannte, Musiker, mit denen ich in Hamburg vor langer Zeit Musik gemacht habe.

Heute is wieder alles easy. Die Jungs der AC/DC Crew geben uns wieder Ihren vollen Support. Der Sound war heute sehr geil auf der Bühne...vor allem laut:)) Jeff is the best!!!! He knows Robert Bohner, Mr. Andrew Cane´s Ex- Room, Party and Band mate.

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Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Bilder/Pictures AC/DC Tour

There are more tour diaries to read and some pictures of AC/DC live uploaded.

Es gibt noch zusätzliche Tourberichte und Bilder der aktuellen AC/DC Tour.

Montag, 18. Mai 2009

"The Cane" supporting AC/DC Tour Diary for Veltins Arena/Gelsenkirchen

Veltins Arena

This is a amazing venue. They take off the lawn with guide rails to let do the AC/DC fans their partying.
Very relaxed vibes between all the workers (stagehands,technicians and light guys). All of them are cool guys here in Gelsenkirchen.
Our backstage is located at the media room of famous soccer club Schalke 04.
We will upload some funny pics tomorrow.

Line-(sound)check gets shorter each day, there is routine now.
Today we will rock the crowd really hot - they are screeching while we enter stage.
The sound is just perfect tonight and we got our Logo as a backdrop at the stage finally.

Marcel Avram(the promoter) and the AC/DC crew were glowing as we get off stage.

We met Brian Johnson..s, brother, who is does the tour catering. The brothers are very much alike, very kind and amusing. Serious family business...

Angus guitar-tech showed me all guitars of the master. He..s Japanese and has been touring with Bon Jovi, prince and some other cats.

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Tour Diary zur “AC/DC Black Ice Tour” Update

Claudia Cane verfasst ihr Tourtagebuch zur aktuellen Tour nun auch in deutsch. Der erste Beitrag in deutscher Sprache ist zum gestrigen Gig in der Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen verfasst.

Veltins Arena

Was für eine geile Arena, der Rasen wird per Schienen rausgefahren, um für die ACDC Fans platz zu machen!
Coole Leute arbeiten im Ruhrpott, alle sehr relaxt, kein Stress…wir haben unseren Umkleideraum im Presseraum von Schalke 04…witzige Fotos kommen noch!”
Linecheck wird immer kürzer:)) wir rocken heute geil, das Stadion is voll…die Leute kreischen, als wir auf die Bühne gehen!!! unglaublich geiler sound heute…
wir haben sogar einen Schriftzug von Claudia Cane auf der Bühne!!

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The english version will be published later on today

Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

Claudia Cane Band Tour Diary AC/DC

Leipzig is a wonderful city without fir trees which is much more common in Bavaria.

The stage is smaller than it was at the 2001 tour, so it´s easier to get a good sound on stage and therefore the sound check went very well.
After sound check we had some fresh fruits for refreshing.

Today day we didn´t see the guys of AC/DC, but we will meet them probably in Munich.

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Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2009

Cane supports AC/DC on Black Ice Open Air Tour 2009

Hot news!

Claudia Cane Band, formerly known as "Cane" is supporting AC/DC on their Black Ice Open Air Tour 2009 in Germany.

PinkOrange Records will release the brand new single "Hi Kick" for the tour.

Stay tuned for further informations.


13.5. Leipzig – Zentralstadion – sold out!

15.5. München – Olympiastadion – sold out!

17.5. Gelsenkirchen – Veltins Arena – new ticket available!

19.5. Köln – RheinEnergieStadion - new ticket available!

22.5. Hockenheim – Hockenheimring - new ticket available!

24.5. Wien – Ernst-Happel-Stadion – sold out!

Heisser geht es nicht!

Claudia Cane Band, vormals "Cane" supported AC/DC auf ihrer Black Ice Open Air Tour 2009 in Deutschland.

PinkOrange Records veröffentlicht die Single "Hi Kick" zur Tour.

Mehr Infos folgen bald.