Montag, 15. Dezember 2008

Kristina Hanses Update

Kristina is currently forming a band in Amsterdam to bring the long awaited album alive.
We are keen to hear how its going to sound.

Stay tuned for more news.

Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

Tracklisting Go Panic! Album

  • 01. Think About That
  • 02. Don«t You Want To Want
  • 03. Who We Are
  • 04. Suddenly Its Over
  • 05. Leper Messiah
  • 06. A Part Of Me
  • 07. Waking Up
  • 08. Empty Dreams
  • 09. In Love And War
  • 10. The Reflection
  • 11. More Time
  • 12. Find A Way
  • 13. Come Again
  • 14. Only You

Artist: Go Panic!
Title: Go Panic!
Label: PinkOrange Records
LC 14477
Release: 15.03.2008

Cat. Nr.: POR-LP 010
EAN: 4260129170039

Montag, 13. Oktober 2008

Andrew Cane´s New Widget

Andrew is testing a new widget.

1 Hi Kick by Andrew Cane
2 Especially Me by Kristina Hanses
3 A Part Of Me by Go Panic!
4 Run But Creep by The Cane

Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Samstag, 16. August 2008

Kristina Hanses

Swedish modern dancer and singer-songwriter Kristina Hanses from Amsterdam/Netherlands signed in with PinkOrange Records.

Currently, the final mix-downs and masterings for the upcoming album are in progress.
The yet untitled album contains 12 songs and is projected to be released in 2009.
The songs are produced by Andrew Cane during the last year in 2007 and 2008 in his studio in Munich/Germany.
Stay tuned for further informations.

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2008

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

Soundcloud Dropbox

If you think that you have written a great song and your are looking for a possible release with us, then you can send it to our producer Andrew Cane by using Soundcloud Dropbox on the right hand side of our blog.
Please don´t noize-spam.

Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

Music Critic Arrested for Selling Pre-release Albums on eBay

Authored by Andrew Cane on June 13, 2008

London - A London-based music critic and DJ has been arrested on suspicion of theft and money laundering in connection with his alleged selling of up to 150 pre-release albums on eBay.
It is believed that he used his position as a music critic to obtain promotional copies of albums from record companies which he then sold on.
Promotional CDs are sent by record labels to music journalists, DJs and broadcasters, to be used for music reviews. They are marked as the property of the record company and are not allowed to be sold commercially or uploaded without permission on to the internet.

O.K., no uploading without permission. But selling the CDs? Did one single record company ever ask for sending the CDs back? Probably not. What do you think?

sincerly me
Andrew Cane

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Now there is a Go Panic! blog

Go Panic! opens its summer-season with their own blog. You might think, that you know everything about Go Panic! - but are you sure?
We doubt it. If you follow the links from the page you will find some
interesting things about them, which are not easily posted
on a front-cover, plus they will publish regularly more news.
Check it out, or be prepared to blog
about not being informed.

Dienstag, 13. Mai 2008

Review by MeBlind for Go Panic!

Authored by MeBlind

Go Panic! a new band

frontcoverGo Panic! is an interesting band from Germany

Or are they South-Africans? - who knows...
Their label Pink Orange Records is German and the download-page is U.K.
Check: Indiestore

The self-titled album "Go Panic! is produced by Andrew Cane entirely, who is a guitar-player and composer himself,.He has supported already bands like AC/DC with his own band "Cane".

Go Panic!´s homepage is a simple "One-Page" with just a link to the download store and the press-release.

Go Panic! releasing their lifeblood

I downloaded the album and i must admit it is true.

My favorite songs are:

"Waking Up", a great mixture of guitar rock and piano sounds.
"A Part Of Me", a straight forward radio-guitar-song which had already some success.
"Think About That", a almost classic rocker with strong lyrics.
"Suddenly It´s Over", if you lost your lover - it will help you to be really sad-seems to be inspired by Coldplay.

Visit also some other band pages:
Go Panic! /MySpace1, Go Panic! /MySpace2, Go Panic! Homepage

Here you can hear songs from their EP "Big Man". I recommend "A Part Of Me" which is also on the Album.
Buy Go Panic!´s music on Indiestore.

taken from: meblind.livejournal