Dienstag, 25. Februar 2020

1996 Live at the Slaughterhouse by Andrew Cane & Band

In December 07, 2019 Andrew Cane dropped on EP with 6 songs on Bandcamp.com.

These songs Songs were recorded in 1996 at a live gig at the Slaughterhouse in Munich (Germany), with vocalist Claudia Cane, Andrew Cane on guitar and keyboards, Holger Schulten playing bass and Harry Bischof behind the drums.

The 6 songs of the live recordings were recorded with a Fostex R8 8-track recorder. On their further way they were transferred twice to other tape machines to record a few overdubs.

The recordings were originally made for the purpose of a CD, which the band wanted to sell as merchandise and as demo tape for promoters.

But it turned out differently because EMI Germany had become aware of the band, which was then known as Mata Hari, and Andrew Cane, as artistic producer, produced 12 songs on behalf of the company.

Dancing Queen, Run but Creep, Jesus was a Woman, In Our Hearts and Out of Line were re-recorded amongst other songs which had been demoed so far on Andrew's home recordings only. So the live tapes were history until Andrew Cane found the recordings in his sound archive and mastered them.

You can listen to the result on https://andrewcane.bandcamp.com/album/1996-live-at-the-slaughterhouse and download it in all common formats. Also lovers of CD quality will get their money's worth.





3. RUN BUT CREEP 04:20

4. IN OUR HEARTS 04:06

5. YOU ARE NAKED 03:39

6. OUT OF LINE 02:57

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