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The song was recorded with ex-members of Andrew Cane‘s Band ‘Cane”. 


Produced by Andrew Cane at Art Park Studios - Munich (2002) 

Vocals: Claudia Cane 

Guitars: Andrew Cane 

Bass: Holger Schulten 

Drums: Tom Henzon 

Programming: Andrew Cane 

Arranging: Andrew Cane 

Songwriters: Andrew Cane, Claudia Cane 

Tracking: Andrew Cane at Art Park Studios - Munich (2002) 

Mix: Mike “Spike” Streefkerk at Red Rock Production - Tutzing / Germany (2002) 

Mastering: Christoph Stickel at MSM - (Munich) (2002) 

Mastering for Streaming: Andrew Cane at Major Sound Motel - Berlin (2019)