Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

Music Critic Arrested for Selling Pre-release Albums on eBay

Authored by Andrew Cane on June 13, 2008

London - A London-based music critic and DJ has been arrested on suspicion of theft and money laundering in connection with his alleged selling of up to 150 pre-release albums on eBay.
It is believed that he used his position as a music critic to obtain promotional copies of albums from record companies which he then sold on.
Promotional CDs are sent by record labels to music journalists, DJs and broadcasters, to be used for music reviews. They are marked as the property of the record company and are not allowed to be sold commercially or uploaded without permission on to the internet.

O.K., no uploading without permission. But selling the CDs? Did one single record company ever ask for sending the CDs back? Probably not. What do you think?

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Andrew Cane

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