Montag, 18. Mai 2009

"The Cane" supporting AC/DC Tour Diary for Veltins Arena/Gelsenkirchen

Veltins Arena

This is a amazing venue. They take off the lawn with guide rails to let do the AC/DC fans their partying.
Very relaxed vibes between all the workers (stagehands,technicians and light guys). All of them are cool guys here in Gelsenkirchen.
Our backstage is located at the media room of famous soccer club Schalke 04.
We will upload some funny pics tomorrow.

Line-(sound)check gets shorter each day, there is routine now.
Today we will rock the crowd really hot - they are screeching while we enter stage.
The sound is just perfect tonight and we got our Logo as a backdrop at the stage finally.

Marcel Avram(the promoter) and the AC/DC crew were glowing as we get off stage.

We met Brian Johnson..s, brother, who is does the tour catering. The brothers are very much alike, very kind and amusing. Serious family business...

Angus guitar-tech showed me all guitars of the master. He..s Japanese and has been touring with Bon Jovi, prince and some other cats.

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