Montag, 9. März 2009

About Kristina Hanses (english)

A tall, blond swedish pixie that sees herself more as a goblin sometimes. Her songs range from happy-naive to mystic-melancholic. Her musical philosophy and her individual expression combine acoustic singer-songwriter styles with electronic elements – always interspersed with the unexpected - alien noises, creative sound ideas and spontaneous vocal experiments. Some lyrics are a figment of poetic imagination, while some words draw a very realistic picture of her being, turning her inside out. Kristina neither thinks, composes nor lives in just one direction, but in many directions and its extensions. Her songs have to find out for themselves if they are asking questions or searching for answers.

Kristina shows her creative inner conflict and her free spirit not only in her music, but also through her whole artistic path. She not only amazes as a musician but also with her superior skills in dancing. She performs the disturbing beauty of her contemporary dancing on stages all over Europe since 3 years. And this abstract power of contemporary dance comes to life in her music, too. Needless to say that her dancing, the movements and the physicalness are a strong inspiration for her songs. Each of them is always so much more than just music.

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